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Medical Tourism in India

India is a perfect destination for medical tourism. India excels in providing quality and cheap health care services to overseas tourists. The field has such lucrative potential that it can become a $2.3 billion business by 2012, states a study by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). India’s medical tourism sector is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 30%. Most estimates claim treatment costs in India start at around a tenth of the price of comparable treatment in western countries. The most popular treatments sought in India by medical tourists are alternative medicine, bone-marrow transplant, cardiac bypass surgery, eye surgery and orthopaedic surgery. India is known in particular for heart surgery, hip resurfacing and other areas of advanced medicine.

Medical Tourism in Bangalore:

Bangalore has emerged as a perfect destination for medical tourism in India. The government as well as private players are keenly assessing the potential and means to tap the same. Many private players established high-tech hospitals and providing health care facilities; which matches the highest standards of healthcare delivery worldwide.

Additional Services

In addition to arranging medical treatment for our customers, we can also coordinate the following:

  • Flights, visas, and accommodation
  • Providing you with an Information Pack containing details of your treatment booking, CV of the surgeon, pictures of the hospital, and a guide to having treatment abroad
  • Correspondence with the doctor who will be consulting or treating you
  • Provide contact of former patients so that you can know about their experiences
  • Airport pick-up and transfer to the hospital
  • Providing a support line for friends and family back home
  • Optional sight-seeing tours

Cost comparison between India and other countries offering similar medical services in US dollars(approx)

Bone Marrow TransplantUpto $ 200,000Upto $ 200,000Upto $ 25,000
Bypass Surgery$ 35,000$ 25,000$ 6,000
Breast Lump Removal$ 3,200$ 1,000$ 700
Haemorrhoidectomy$ 3,800$ 1,500$ 1000
Knee Joint Replacement$ 15,000$ 7,000$ 5,000
Lasik Surgery$ 4,000$ 2,800$ 1,600$ 700
No Stitch Cataract Surgery$ 4,500$ 2,600$ 700
In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) cycle$ 15,000$ 1,800
Hernia Correction$ 2,800$ 2,700$ 2,500$ 1,000
Dental Implants$ 3500$ 2800$ 1600$ 800